the domain is mine

It started in 2004, Whois tells me. I remember the road travelled, but not necessarily how I got there. Now that is owned by it’s rightful owner again, the road is becoming clearer and I’m remembering where I came from.

Sure, I was supposed to be dreaming about the value of X and studying our CompTIA manuals; but I thought it was much more interesting writing code and understanding what I was doing wrong. And wrong I did; a lot. If it wasn’t for Drew, Shawn, Chris, Kaylee and even the asshole Protix, I would probably still be configuring FrontPage extensions and copying some of the design elements from Entensity (NSFW; which that term did not exist back then). was my first domain. It was the only domain I owed and it was the root of all things web back some almost 20 years ago. The web was so different then. DNS was still a bitch, but like it was the queen bitch. Propagation took up to two days (yes, 48 hours). Have you ever fat fingered an A record, waited a few days and then determined it was and not It’s not fun, but it builds character.