ZFS; I should have researched first

Being a heavy Proxmox Hypervisor user for a few years now, I thought it was time for me to dive into the ZFS world from the local-lvm storage solution that I typically deploy across PVE nodes. Sure, I’ve had the NFS shares for quite some time across the nodes, but the constant I/O errors from the RW not being quick enough tends to drive me insane (not to mention I had some node VM’s not boot and required error correction (required a fsck -yf /volume fix)


To be fair, it probably wasn’t a mistake until I decided to do what most men do and teach yourself — no matter how bad the consequences are. I mean, what could go wrong, I have backups, right? WRONG. Well, right…. but wrong.

Google is your friend?

I thought that Google was my friend. The problem with Google and working with technology is you have to know what to ask, how to ask it and in what context you are asking what it is that you aren’t sure you are asking. (This isn’t meant to toy with your mind as much as it is to prove to you that men don’t ask for directions FIRST because it’s damn near impossible to ask for directions and get what you want.

Example: I ask my wife how to bake the cake. Not only will I do it wrong the entire time, but I will be told how I cut the oven on to 350F incorrectly and that it was not the proper procedure of whisking the cake batter. Don’t even get me started on the icing procedures. (Sidebar: Did you know it was frowned upon to lick the spoon before completing the vanilla frosting?)